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Plungers and spectators are welcome to watch or participate as plungers take a refreshing dip in Libby Creek every Sunday at 2 pm from late October to April.
Polar Bear Plunges begin Oct. 29
October 10, 2006

The first Polar Bear Plunge for the season will be on Sunday, October 29th, according to Polar Bear Club member Rick Klin of Libby. "Same place as always," he said, "Libby Creek and Farm-to-Market road bridge," south of Libby.

The Libby Polar Bear Club meets at 2:00 PM on Sundays, October to first Sunday in April, at the Farm-to-Market bridge over Libby Creek. Newcomers and spectators are always welcome.

Libby Polar Bear Club President Rick Klin (Polar Bear Rick) is an avid plunger, as they are called, who organized the club several years ago when he discovered like-minded people in the area. He organized the Bitterroot Valley Polar Bear Club in Hamilton when he lived there in the early 1980's. Klin is a firm believer in the health benefits of plunging, including increased blood circulation, a stronger immune system, overall vigor. He says, it just feels great.

Water temperatures are typically in the mid to upper 30's during the winter months, with the water gradually warming into the 40's as spring approaches. Air temperatures can range from below zero in November and December into the 50's by March. As long as the ice can be broken on the creek, if it has formed, the group will take their plunge, no matter the temperature.

Club members invite all interested to come and join them. "It will be my 30th year since I decided to enjoy the clear, cool waters of Montana in the winter time," said Klin. Plungers who have participated over the years have ranged in age from 3 to 61.

"Our main event will be December 31st, New Year’s Eve, at 2:00 pm," said Klin.

For more information about the Libby Polar Bear Club, contact:
Rick Klin, Club President
E-mail: techrkdk@libby.org
Phone numbers: 406-293-5014 (work), 406-293-5534 (home).

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