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Road Update for Glacier National Park
Snow drifts still at least 50 feet at Big Drift
June 3, 2006

Officials from Glacier National Park report that while a portion of the Going-to-the-Sun (Sun) Road remains inaccessible to vehicular traffic, road crews continue to make plowing progress. On Thursday, June 1, the east and west side crews met while pioneering through the Big Drift. Though pioneering crews have met, snow between Logan Pass and the Big Drift still needs to be removed. Snow depths in the Big Drift are estimated to be at least 50 feet.

Park officials remind visitors that significant work still needs to be completed before the road can be completely opened. Some of this work includes: the installation of guardrails; clearing the parking lot and pathways at Logan Pass; repairing potholes; installing signage, removing snow poles, and sweeping the road.

This weekend, vehicles on the Sun Road can travel 15.5 miles from the West Entrance to Avalanche and 13.5 miles from St. Mary to Jackson Glacier Overlook. Many park roads are also open for motorized travel. The Inside North Fork Road, the Camas Road, the Many Glacier Road, the Two Medicine Road, and the Cut Bank Road are open to vehicular traffic.

This Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4, hikers and bikers will be allowed unlimited access beyond the vehicle closures at Avalanche and at Jackson Glacier Overlook.

Visitors are cautioned that spring snowstorms can cause hazardous driving conditions and/or temporary closures of park roads. Visitors should also watch for avalanche slides, falling rocks, and debris.

Park visitors are also reminded that all park animals are wild, unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Feeding of any park wildlife is against the law and subject to fines. Visitors are urged to keep a safe distance from all wildlife and to report any bear and/or mountain lion sightings to a park ranger as soon as possible.

For current road condition information, visit the park’s road status web site Glacier Park Road Conditions or by calling 406-888-7800.

Current road conditions are also available by calling 511, the Montana Department of Transportation Traveler Information System. If your phone does not support 511, call 1-800-226-7623. Both numbers are toll-free. Select “Glacier Park Tourist Information” from the main menu to hear Glacier’s road report.

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